Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hitchens on Falwell

Sometimes I can almost forgive Christopher Hitchens for his stance on the Iraq War. His delicious diatribe against Jerry Falwell, from Anderson Cooper's 360 a few days ago, is one such time:

"Cooper: Do you believe he believed what he spoke?
Hitchens: Of course not. He woke up every morning, as I say, pinching his chubby little flanks and thinking, I have got away with it again.
Cooper: You think he was a complete fraud, really?
Hitchens: Yes.
Cooper: You don't believe that, I mean, in his reading of the Bible, you don't think he was sincere in his—whether you agree or not with his reading of the Bible—you don't think he was sincere in what he spoke?
Hitchens: No. I think he was a conscious charlatan and bully and fraud. And I think, if he read the Bible at all—and I would doubt that he could actually read any long book of—at all—that he did so only in the most hucksterish, as we say, Bible-pounding way."

How sweet it is!

(h/t kalamalka rainbow )