Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wannabe clinic bomber "not anti-abortion"

More, um, "information" is emerging about the would-be Austin abortion clinic bomber, Paul Ross Evans. Although conventional wisdom would suggest that someone who tries to bomb an abortion clinic might just have anti-abortion sentiments, this apparently is not the case with Evans:

"The day after someone left a homemade bomb at a South Interstate 35 women's clinic that performs abortions, Karen Slafter wore a "Pro Choice" button to her job at a South Austin tattoo parlor.

Slafter said she discussed the button that day last month with her co-worker, who didn't seem bothered by her personal statement or particularly opinionated about abortion.

That co-worker, Slafter said, is Paul Ross Evans, the 27-year-old who was arrested the next day on charges he put a homemade pipe bomb outside the Austin Women's Health Center near Oltorf Street. 'I am a woman, and I know he's not anti-abortion', Slafter said."

Umm sure, sounds like a good story to me... NOT! "Discussed the button" -- huh? Think about that. Okay, I suppose anything's possible. But I think the key phrase in the quote above is "The day after someone left a homemade bomb". Is it not feasible that anyone who left a bomb at an abortion clinic would restrain themselves from engaging in any anti-abortion tirades for a few days, and might even go out of their way to initiate a discussion about something like, oh I don't know, a Pro-Choice button?

Apparently, Evans did a header through his car's windshield a few years ago and it caused him to have mental problems (including becoming anti-choice). Well no shit Sherlock, I thought mental problems were a prerequisite for membership in the Army-of-God.

Nice try, but nooooooo cee-gar!