Thursday, May 17, 2007

How long til she dumps him?

Ahhhh, lets see. Wolfowitz is out of his cushy World Bank job as of May 31st. He'll get a golden goodbye the size of the total economy of a small third-world country -- which come to think of it, is probably exactly where it'll come from. But living on your severance pay doesn't quite have the same cachet as being president of the World Bank.

Ms. Riza's job could also be on the line, in which case she'll dump him immediately and probably punch him out as well: "Thanks for wrecking my career, you bastard!" [pow!] She sounds like she might be kind of a kickass lady, who knows what she was doing with that slimy little comb-spitting creep anyway. On the other hand, if she keeps her job, then coming home from work every night to find Wolfowitz on the couch... in an open bathrobe... playing with himself while watching war movies... oh, that could get old really fast. The verdict: June 15th, give or take.