Friday, May 18, 2007

Rubik's Cube Canadian Open

Wow. Do I ever feel stupid. I just watched a guy on Newsworld solve a Rubik's Cube in under a minute -- one-handed, no less. Another guy, using both hands, was able to solve the wicked cube in 12 seconds. These guys are taking part in the Rubik's Cube Canadian Open happening at the Toronto Science Center this weekend, hoping to break the Canadian record for solving the cube: 11.75 seconds (two-handed).

Is there any boomer out there who wasn't driven to drink trying to solve this vile cube in the late 70's? I had one sitting on my desk; amid the piles of paper, calculators, day-old cups of coffee and other shit, it glowed with multi-coloured evil. During breaks from driving the wheels of commerce by booking airtime for Campbell's Soup and American Express commercials, I was trying to solve The Cube. It followed me on a sojourn to 5 different desks at 3 different agencies, my Nemesis.

The Cube and I parted company one day after some particularly frustrating negotiations with Q107, when I finally solved it by firing it against the wall where it - ha! broke into a million little pieces. (It was extremely loose by that time, so it didn't take much momentum to make the little coloured blocks fly apart). Now, seeing these guys solve it in seconds when my record would have to be measured in years... all I can say is well, DUH.