Friday, May 11, 2007

Mac's Milk speaks, godbags* freak

"Waaaahhhhhh!"... they're at it again, and it's all over this Mac's Milk poster advertising their "What The Flavour" slurpee (or slushy, or sloshy or whatever the fuck). Conservative catholics have got their pantaloons in an exciting, crotch-rubbing bunch and they're twitching with the outrage and ecstasy of persecution over what they claim is the poster's "anti-catholic bigotry". The poster features a nun, a goat and a heavenly-looking WTF slurpee (sloshy, slushy or whatever the fuck). Haha, is there a joke in there or what: "A nun, a goat and a WTF slurpee walk into a bar..."

The Object of Indignance is the acronym "WTF", which in the context of Mac's sloshy (slurpy, sluppy) stands for "What The Flavour". Obviously the name is a play on the internet acronym for "What The Fuck" (or "What The Fu**" in wingnut-ese) -- what better to grab the attention of the slushy's (sloppy's, sloshy's) target consumer, young teens. That's good marketing -- considering the average teenager has the attention span of a gnat, there's no time for nuance in messages targeted against them. The nun element is a bit of irreverent humour, but kids, even catholic kids, have a sense of ha-ha, and playing to it is just good marketing.

Personally, I think the ad's a little dumb, but I'm not in the sloshy (slurgy, sloggy) target demo. But anti-catholic bigotry? Oh, please! Keep digging!! Why are these people so determined to paint themselves as the target of bigotry? Can you say "projection"?

*"Godbag" props to Pandagon