Thursday, May 10, 2007

Prosecutor purge: Abu rolls

It was inevitable. One only has to check out the cornered-rat-like demeanour of Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales during his testimony to the senate judiciary committee to see he's a desperate man. "I can't recall, I don't remember, I don't recall"... hmm, looks like his memory might be returning, and he may start doing what the desperate do when cornered -- roll over:

"Weeks after the White House ruled out the involvement of President George W. Bush in any discussions on the firing of 8 US Attorneys, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said on Thursday morning that the President had discussed the matter with advisers in an October 2006 meeting.

'I've now been made aware of the fact that there was a conversation with the President that basically mentioned the same thing in October of 2006,' the Attorney General said while answering a question from Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA).

"The same thing" referred to voter fraud cases in three US Attorneys' districts, which Gonzales earlier acknowledged had been raised by Karl Rove in a meeting "sometime in the Fall of 2006."

Gonzales' statement varied from remarks by White House spokespersons that the President had not been involved in any discussions of firing US Attorneys."

Oops. This could be where Georgie loses his 'resolve' to stand by Gonzales. The evidence of lies and collusion is piling up and the pressure is mounting:

"The Bush administration has withheld a series of e-mails from Congress showing that senior White House and Justice Department officials worked together to conceal the role of Karl Rove in installing Timothy Griffin, a protégé of Rove's, as U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas.

The withheld records show that D. Kyle Sampson, who was then-chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, consulted with White House officials in drafting two letters to Congress that appear to have misrepresented the circumstances of Griffin's appointment as U.S. attorney and of Rove's role in supporting Griffin."

Get your popcorn and cold beer, pull up a chair and watch these sewer rats go at it.