Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Nobody hates..." (altogether now) " the angry, angry Left"

And apparently it was never more obvious than after the demise of the good Revrunt Falwell last week. Shell-shocked conservatives are still shaking their heads, struggling to comprehend the raucous display of joyful schadenfreude that ensued almost from the moment Falwell's flabby mandibles bit the rug on his office floor. In an article titled "Left Consumed by Hate, Self-Loathing", J. Matt Barber of The Conservative Voice writes:

"The recent media tempest surrounding the passing of Reverend Jerry Falwell has blown away the mask of sublime compassion and tolerance worn by members of the mainstream left. Sadly – pitifully, really – the collective face exposed beneath the altruistic facade is one marred by ugliness and hatred – scarred by latent self-loathing."

Ouch. The article goes on to cite the reactions on several well-known blogs that were said to have inappropriately yahoo'd it up in response to the news that Rev. Falwell had finally checked out. I wasn't hosting the only Falwell Death Party -- apparently, all of Left Blogistan was like one big block death party. Good times, good times.

"Yes, Rev. Falwell’s death has stripped away the mask, betraying the angry, rebellious and hurting countenance of those who hated him. If they could have, they would have thrown him to the lions. But they didn’t have to. He entered the den willingly with love in his heart and truth on his lips for Christ’s name sake. And based on that objective truth, Rev. Falwell’s reward in heaven will be great indeed."

The "angry, rebellious and hurting countenance" -- funny he should mention that. It amazes me that someone could make such an observation and yet be so intellectually lazy as to be totally oblivious to the reason why it might be the case. People aren't born angry and hurting, they get that way for a reason; Falwell gave a lot of people damn good reason. You might even say anger and hurt were his stock-in-trade.

As for Falwell's "reward in heaven", good fucking luck. Because if there is a god, I doubt if s/he is anywhere near as stupid, mean-spirited and willfully blind as a lot of her/his worshippers. And that being the case, even as I type this Falwell should be sweating off his some of that extra poundage, and wondering what the fuck else he might have been wrong about.