Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pope issues fatwa on pro-choice pols

Following Mexico City's recent vote that legalized abortion, Pope Benedict XVI appeared to be supportive of Mexico City churchmen threatening pro-choice Catholic politicians with excommunication:

"Pope Benedict XVI denounced Mexico City politicians Wednesday for voting to legalize abortion, saying they should no longer receive Communion.

Flying to Latin America, Benedict was asked about comments by Mexico City church officials that the lawmakers would be excommunicated for having voted last month for the legislation legalizing abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy."

Actually, no: the Pope didn't mean it, he was just Poping around. A Vatican spokesman said later that the Pope had no intention of excommunicating anyone, he merely meant that pro-choice politicians shouldn't be allowed to take communion. My Catholic is pretty rusty, but isn't taking communion a major part of the faith? Pro-choice lawmakers don't seem too worried though, given they responded with a large measure of So What?itude:

"The Mexican politicians who supported the measure shrugged off Benedict's comments Wednesday. 'I'm Catholic and I'm going to continue being Catholic even if the church excommunicates me,' said leftist Mexico City lawmaker Leticia Quezada. 'My conscience is clean.'" Got that? Translation: "Excommunication? I got yer excommunication right here, Benny!"