Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sanity and compassion prevail in Ireland

From Great Auntie Bertha in the comments section, some good news from the Emerald Isle about Ms. D, the 17-year-old kid fighting to go to the UK for an abortion:

"The High Court has ruled there is nothing to prevent a 17-year-old girl in the care of the Health Service Executive from travelling abroad for an abortion.

The girl, known as Miss D, is four months pregnant with a child who cannot survive after birth.

Mr Justice Liam McKechnie also criticised the HSE for its actions after the girl told her social worker she wanted an abortion.

He said he firmly and unequivocally held the view that there was no statutory or constitutional impediment to Miss D travelling for the purposes of terminating her pregnancy, if that was what she wanted.

He said this case was not about abortion; it was about the right to travel."

The fetus could not be reached for comment, but it appears that it won't press charges. (Duh!)