Friday, June 01, 2007

Another interoffice love affair

ends up in court after it goes horribly wrong:

"A senior manager at National Steel Car says the company took disciplinary action against an electrician accused of harassing a female staff member, but only when her work-related complaints could be proved.

Hal Bruckner, vice-president of human resources, was testifying yesterday at the trial of Wayne Rowley, who admits mailing a dead rat to the married co-worker who ended her affair with him in May 2005.

Rowley, 40, has pleaded not guilty to criminal harassment, to making death threats against Melanie Hunt, to spraying the word slut on her car and to planting a phoney pipe bomb on the porch of the Hamilton home she shared with husband, Scott, and their child. Rowley, who was caught by a security camera at the post office, pleaded guilty to mailing the dead rat. He also admits puncturing Hunt's car tire and criminally harassing her husband."

And of course there was the usual assortment of threatening interoffice emails and hang-up phone calls. Apart from the fact that she was married to someone else, why in the world would she want to dump a prize like that? Run, girl, run... don't look back!

It's significant that the company wouldn't take any action against the asshole until the woman showed proof that she was being harassed (with the threatening emails, dead rat etc). It means that a less intellectually-challenged fuck-buddy might have been able to get away with ongoing harassment ad infinitum if only he was a little more careful. In cases of harassment on the job, shouldn't the company err on the side of the alleged victim? While there are people who make false accusations of harassment (Conservative pundit Rachel Marsden comes to mind), when it's real (which is most of the time) it's deadly serious and should be treated that way. I guess we can thank Rachel and her ilk for damaging the credibility of harassed and abused women. Way to go hon, you're a credit to your gender. NOT.

Extra! Extra! Schadenfreude Edition: When I looked up the Wiki on Marsden, I noticed it said as of May 31, 2007 (yesterday), she's no longer with the "Red Eye" show on Fox. Didn't she just get that job in March? That was quick!