Saturday, June 23, 2007

Christian Love for Belinda

Earlier this morning I read an amusing post at StageLeft that showed some examples of noxious excretions from so-called "christians", who as we are constantly reminded (by them) are all about Love. Having received my own little message of christian love from one of these scum-sucking pigfuckers a couple of weeks ago, I can only say "Tell me about it!", but it's always good for a larf to see more examples of their hypocrisy.

Then I read about Belinda Stronach's breast cancer. While anyone with a half a brain and a smidgeon of conscience would simply be wishing her well, here's how a poster at Free Dominion kicked off a thread on the subject:

"The Toronto Star is reporting Liberal MP Belinda Stronach is battling breast cancer. The 41-year-old is reportedly at an undisclosed hospital in the Toronto area after undergoing a mastectomy and breast reconstruction on Tuesday. -Ends-
___________________ Why? Well, if she was pumped full of oral contraceptives, it explains alot. Then there is, of course, the abortion possibility. Check it out here. Keep scrolling down for the ABC link. Please pray that Belinda, even though she is a liberal, has a successful operation and more importantly repents of her selfish and narcissistic life." I hardly know where to start. Even for FD, this is pretty sick, sad and despicable.

The first thing most decent people do when they find out someone has cancer is wish them well, not speculate on how the sick person might have caused their own disease. And certainly not insinuate that it might have been caused by the person's sex life, the use of contraceptives or, because it's "a possibility", abortion. (Why it's a "possibility" I have no idea -- abortion isn't mandatory for membership to the Liberal Party.) And nobody with their head screwed on would use such news as an opportunity to disseminate false and completely debunked theories about the cancer's relationship to abortion. Do these people ever read what they type? Do they have any fucking idea what they sound like? When even other FDers took issue, the original poster came back and said "Oh yeah, and I'm praying for her to recover", or some such happy horseshit. No apology for speculating about her sex life and medical history, though.

Now excuse me while I go and shower for the rest of the day. At least I can shower -- I may have to junk my computer.