Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No one hates like the angry, angry left (part 3,417)

"Zee", one of those fine upstanding douchebags from "Christian Government", which I posted about a few days ago, swung by this morning and left some droppingscomments:

"That's OK, little weenie. The Christians will still allow all you lefties to fuck your dogs and to pursue your other vile passions just as long as you keep it to your own swine selves. The muslims, on the other hand, flatly state that they will impose their "religion" on all infidels or you die.

But that's ok. You castrated hippies will never know when the scimitar separates your head from your decaying drug addled bodies. You'll be too busy licking cum off your lips or picking fetal tissue from your teeth or whatever freaks like you do with your useless lives.

What a waste of oxygen you whores are -i hope you have consistently practiced the main tenet of your religion - abort abort abort - the genetic slime that falls out of a liberal cunt is poisoning the world.

** For the purpose of clarity, this comment has been calibrated to the match the sensibilities of it's recipients.**"

Not bad, zee, not bad at all! Keep working on it, you'll get there. *BEEEEEEP* There goes the microwave, it's fetuslunch time! Pass the hoisin sauce!