Saturday, June 09, 2007

Does this banner concern you?

It concerns me. The words "christian" and "government" don't belong together, or anywhere near each other for that matter. Any organization whose website suggests that they do belong together is of paramount concern to me. So I checked them out, and sure enough, they're wingnuts of the highest order.

Their link list reads like a who's who of Canadian religious right douchebaggery: REALwomen, Focus on the Family, Institute for Canadian Values, Canada Family Action Coalition, Marriage Canada, and even the despicable NARTH (homophobic hate site) are just a few of the whackjobs "Christian Government" links to. Especially troubling is something called "Take Back Canada", a site which operates under the pretense of being "pro-family" but in fact is almost entirely devoted to gay-bashing. ("Gays want your children!" kind of stuff.) This is the kind of attitude that should characterize Canada? I think not.

Theocracy: it sounds crazy, but it could happen. Even here. These people clearly need to be watched, and what better way than to get their spewings right from the horse's mouth. So I subscribed to their newsletter:

"Canada is in urgent need of an alternate vision to the oppression of Secular Humanist tyranny; Christian government is that vision" -- ruh-roh. This statement seems to confirm what many have long suspected, and what the religious right insists they're not trying to do: establish a theocratic government in Canada. But on the upside, being linked on this site will be anything but helpful to the political credibilty of groups like "REALwomen" and the "Institute for Canadian Values". Even among many (if not most) Conservatives, theocracy is not a Canadian value.