Sunday, June 10, 2007

World Naked Bike Day

I forgot all about it, yesterday was World Naked Bike Day! The picture shows a typically *moist* day in Vancouver... I wouldn't have wanted to be out riding yesterday, even swaddled in goretex. In this part of the world, it was rainy, windy and cold (for June) but the naked bike brigade toughed it out.

"World Naked Bike Day" is a day of protest against "indecent exposure to vehicle emissions", as well as the other dangers that face bicycle riders out on the mean streets still controlled by internal combustion vehicles. As with motorcycles, when a car hits a bicycle the driver's first excuse is usually "I didn't see him/her". Naked Bike Day is a way of saying "CAN YOU SEE ME NOW?"

I doubt I'll ever participate, though. When I think of how often I slide forward off the seat of my bike, ouch. I want to have something between me and that crossbar, even if it's only a thin layer of spandex.