Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hard to believe

that there's even a need for laws like this one:

"RENTON, N.J. (AP) A pharmacy would be required to fill prescriptions for any drug it stocks such as birth-control pills regardless of a pharmacist's moral beliefs under a bill that cleared the Legislature on Monday.

The bill, approved 56-18 by the Assembly, establishes a pharmacy's duty to fill lawful prescriptions without undue delay and without consideration for a pharmacist's moral, philosophical or religious beliefs."

So in other words, a law had to be passed in order to get these guys (religiously-impaired pharmacists) to do their jobs. What. The. Fuck.

Every so often you hear about one of these nitwit fundie pharmacists screaming "religious persecution" because he has to fill a contraceptive prescription. It makes you wonder: why become a pharmacist in the first place? You have to know going in that birth control will be at the top of the list of high-demand scripts, right along with prozac, antibiotics and tylenol-3, and sooner or later you'll be called upon to dispense it. So why take a job where you know you'll have to do something that puts you in a moral conundrum?

Maybe while they're wasting time and taxpayers' money passing this law, they should pass another one that requires all pharmacists to be atheists.