Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fetus fetishists get their 15 minutes

Or 2 minutes, or 30 seconds, whatever the case may be. Tonight! is their big night -- one of the FF's from the CBC facebook freep-fest was interviewed, said interview supposedly to run on the CBC evening news tonight. From the "AAIC" discussion board on CBC's Great Canadian Wish List website:

"Topic: Our Wish on CBC News at 6pm Tuesday!!! Watch it!

Hey everyone, I was just interviewed by CBC news about our wish. It will be aired tomorrow (Tuesday June 12) at 6pm ET on CBC. The program is called "CBC news at 6" It will be interesting how they use the interview on the news. Fingers crossed."

Wow, that's so friggin exciting I think I just peed myself. But I'm looking forward to it -- if this dude sounds anything on TV like he sounds in the facebook "debate" (if by "debate" you mean "unwelcome invasion into the private personal business in my pants"), it should be good. As much as it pisses me off that they think they should be able to dictate what goes on in my body, it delights me to see them testify before the public because they always, always discredit themselves. The religiosity, the desperate, petty picking apart of semantics ("You called it a baby! So you're okay with killing babies!"), and the gory, scientifically-challenged hyperbole aren't exactly calculated to win anyone over -- it's all a kind of mutual mental masturbation in which they furiously stroke themselves into an orgasmic frenzy with fetus-shaped vibrators.

I just hope the guy gets more than a few seconds -- as far as I'm concerned, the longer he talks, the tighter the noose.