Saturday, June 02, 2007

Men are being abused

No, not by me (although if I were to do it, it'd only be in the fun, non-violent way). From the NattyPo Letters Section:

"I do not have any women friends who I would consider abused, either emotionally or physically. I do have a few friends who are confused and need to have communication and assertiveness training and help with depression, but they are not abused. Among my male friends, though, I am meeting more and more who are being abused, physically and especially emotionally.

There are no supports out there for these men. We expect them to be strong, to guide and protect. But when their families are taken away from them they become helpless, lost and abused. There needs to be just as much support in our society for men as for women."

And it's from a woman. *Sigh* Where do you even start with something that's as wrong in as many ways as this?

Coupla things: not that it's a contest or anything, but other than the odd guy heartbroken after being dumped (aren't we all?), I have yet to see a guy with bruises, broken bones and missing teeth, courtesy of a woman. In any man-woman partnership, it's the men who are most likely to lay out the physical violence and the women that are most likely to be on the receiving end. This emerging meme about "men abused by women", perpetuated by those idiotic F4J men's groups, is completely false. There are anomalies to every situation, but Lorena Bobbit notwithstanding, men resort to violence against women far more than the other way around. Domestic violence inflicted on both sexes is on the rise, but it's still women who get the lion's share of shots to the head from their male partners.

As for why women such as the letter-writer above need to be "guided and protected", I can only say: grow the fuck up. He's your husband, not your friggin father; an equal partner. There might be less domestic violence if we treated each other that way.