Saturday, June 02, 2007

Everybody loves Rachel -- not

When you think of the phrase "bugshit-crazy Canadian wingnut - female version" (and I sincerely hope you don't have to do that too often) many things come to mind -- ie. "Rachel Marsden". Yesterday, as a sidebar to another post I mentioned my most schadenfreudelicious discovery that Ms. Batshit Insane has received a well-placed BOOT square to the ass and out the door of her former place of employment, Fox News -- the boot? From Fox? Holy sheepshit! Nothing says "brain damage" like getting the boot from Fox.

Yesterday afternoon, like any good paranoid egotist who's just gotten a swift kick out the door of their former workplace, Rachel started surfing around, looking for a little Technorati love...... and discovered that many of us were more than willing to indulge her. There was Friday afternoon schadenfreude a-plenty! In a panic, Marsden updated her website to explain that it's not only normal, but "standard procedure" for Fox Security Guards to escort ex-employees out the door in handcuffs (okay I'm exaggerating about the handcuffs) and that she's looking forward to the opportunities ahead (which may include the opportunity to give a little head):

Think I'm being Mean? With someone who pretends to be a "news commentator" when they're horking out goofy little snot-balls like this:

"You know your country’s a mess when you have an election and don’t bother getting around to talking about gays and abortion." (Ed. -Because health care, Afghanistan, the environment -- small potatoes compared to the 5 W's of Fucking.)

Mean? You bet I am. And looooooving every minute of it. Like I do every time one of these ignorant, arrogant, self-righteous nitwits takes a fall.

My advice to Marsden would be to push herself away from the computer -- I know it's hard -- and start preparing for the opportunities and challenges ahead. Repeat after me: "Will you be having fries with that?" Hahahahaha!!!