Thursday, June 14, 2007

This is timely

I stumbled upon this through a hit to my site meter: it looks like there's another blogswarm against theocracy coming up, this one starting on the July long weekend:

"We're going to be holding another blogswarm during the Fourth of July week, July 1-4. A blogswarm is where a group of bloggers from all venues agree to post on the same topic. Our loosely framed topic for this swarm is "the separation of Church and State is patriotic." But this is about blogging, and we're not trying to herd anyone. Post on church/state separation, against theocracy, and you're participating."

It's the same deal as the April blogswarm, just blog about some aspect of separation of church and state, send the URL in and a link will be posted on the BAT website. Information about where to send it is still to come, but the Blog Against Theocracy website will be updated when they sort out the logistics. I imagine there'll be more than one person posting the links this time, as Blue Gal was swamped last time (but did a heroic job of it nonetheless).

I'm in, baby!