Friday, June 15, 2007

Fetus fetishists frantic over Facebook

CBC's Great Canadian Wish List: it's just an imminently freepable online poll, the results of which (as any thinking person knows) mean zilch-zip-zero. Nobody other than the students it was originally intended for paid much attention to it at first: until the mobilization of the right-wing freep machine skewed the voting so much that the results suggest Canada is a social conservative intellectual wasteland where our main concerns are abolishing abortion and "spiritual revival". Um yeah, right!

The "abolish abortion" wish quickly gained traction as the conservative freep/sockpuppet machine went into overdrive. Pro-choicers stayed away from it in droves; there's no point engaging anti-choice cretins who repeat "the fetus is a person" over and over ad nauseum like automatons. Also I'm sure many pro-choicers feel, as I do, that my right to an abortion isn't up for "debate" any more than my right to a hysterectomy or a heart transplant. FUCK no, I'm not "discussing" it with anyone, except my doctor.

I was all for just letting them "win" the goofy little contest, go on TV and be assholes, then disappear back into the wormy woodwork from whence they came. But some pro-choicers are sufficiently disgusted by the patently false picture painted by the facebook results that they decided it might be time to mobilize our vote and get that imbecilic, idiotic wish off the top spot. Suddenly the FFs,feeling threatened, have taken it to their main news organ, "lifesite":

OTTAWA, June 14, 2007 ( –The CBC has inadvertently allowed pro-life Canadians a voice on abortion, a rare opportunity in Canada’s largely pro-abortion media landscape. Online abortion advocates are complaining that the “Great Canadian Wish List,” a contest described by the CBC as a way for Canadians to express what they hope for the country, has been “highjacked” by “right-wingers,” “anti-choicers” and “fetus fetishizers” other words, Canadians wanting an end to abortion. (...)

Fetus Fetishizers"! Ha! You'd think they'd at least give Canadian Cynic a hat tip for the use of that expression. Bastards!

"Worried that the pro-abortion hegemony in Canadian media is under threat, abortion advocates are urging their supporters in online chat groups and mailing lists to vote for the alternate wish, “that Canada would remain pro-choice.” Joyce Arthur, among Canada’s leading abortion crusaders, complains, “‘Abolish Abortion’ is the #1 wish by a wide margin, which may indicate growing confidence within the anti-choice movement, and their increased hopes for a chance to re-open the debate and recriminalize abortion.”

In other words, when they do it it's "winning", when we do it it's cheating. My question is, if the fetus fetishists are so sure that their opinion is truly representative of the majority of Canadians, what are they so afraid of? Why does the thought of pro-choice voters mobilizing on the facebook poll throw them into such a raging panic?

(h/t birth pangs)