Thursday, July 19, 2007

DC Madame - 30 more to come

Larry Flynt continues to charge along on his quest to shine a light on Republican "morals-and-values" hypocrisy with the information garnered from the DC Madame's phone list. On the Larry King Show the other night, Flynt said he has 30 more names to expose... including one senator who, according to Flynt, will be a big surprise.

(From CNN): "FLYNT: We’ve got good leads. We’ve got over 300 initially. And they’re down to about 30 now which is solid….FLYNT: I was shocked, especially at one senator…"

Who, who who could it be? My first thought was Santorum, but he's irrelevant. It has to be some equally holier-than-thou, high-and-mighty christian moral values prick who's still in office... if it's that idiot Brownback, and I'm really hoping it is, I'll laugh my ass off.

Video at Crooks & Liars, and commenters speculate.