Monday, July 16, 2007

They're stalking us

Alright, you guys: Dave, Mike (especially Mike), CC and Eternal Gaijin. Looks like we are on the Xtian radar again.The article that ran in the Christian government newsletter a few weeks ago, "Secular Humanists Have Discovered Christian!!!", is running again this week as an opinion piece on something called the "Christian Civic League Record", another chock-fulla-nuts fundie site (I perused it a little and probably lost about 10 IQ points in the process). Our offensive blogs are linked, with appropriately dire warnings about profanity and blasphemy. No doubt lured by the promise of evil, wicked, bad craziness, a couple of these folks have dropped in here already. *waves* They like us, they really really like us...

So, in deference to the visitors, let's keep the fucking profanity to a minimum, eh? Hahahaha!