Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vacay interruptus

That's it! There are times when I just have to blog because if I don't my head might spin off and burst into flames. Sometimes things really are that bad. One of those times/things is this ridiculous travesty of an online freepathon:

"Former prime minister Pierre Trudeau has ranked as the worst Canadian according to an online poll, beating out notorious killers Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka and Clifford Olsen." [...]

The top 10 list included four prime ministers, three convicted criminals, two singers, one doctor and one former Canadian.

Abortion doctor Henry Morgentaler ranked third, edging out former prime minister Brian Mulroney in fourth."

So. According to this poll run by the Beaver, a historical magazine, Trudeau is the Worst. Canadian. Ever. and Dr. Henry Morgentaler is right up there with him in third place. Worse than three serial killers. Worse than Clifford Olsen? Someone unfamiliar with Canadian politics might think: "Hmm. These are Two Bad Dudes, this Prime Minister and this Doctor. What heinous, unspeakable crimes catapulted them past serial killers and into the top three?" Well, just look at what they have in common: women's rights, baby! Trudeau decriminalized abortion in 1969, and Morgentaler sealed the deal, making abortion nobody's goddamn business but women and their doctors, in 1988. Unspeakably and unthinkably evil crimes indeed.

It's Great Canadian Wish List Redux. Another glorious social conservative "victory" won by freeping, cheating and sock puppetry. But... they brag about it!? "All that freeping paid off" says BBW. This I don't get. Freeping paid off? In what? The power and the glory of seeing what they wish was the real opinion of Canadians reflected in an online poll that had the shit freeped out of it? I can see them doing the happy dance if an unfreeped poll came up with those results, but when you have to cheat... and freeping is cheating... errr I don't think that's considered cause for a victory lap, unless you're riding in the Tour de France and everyone is equally freeped.

There. That felt good.