Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fetus fetishists have no respect for privacy

It's well-known that the anti-abortion creeps will go to incredible and sometimes reprehensible lengths to promote their cause. Harassing staff and patients at clinic prayer pile-ons, cruising around in fetusmobiles©, wasting taxpayers' money and the courts' time with frivolous lawsuits to prevent new clinics from opening, even stalking doctors and clinic workers (and worse). But they've lifted the barrel and scraped out a nadir of new lows in Lakewood Colorado, where they're protesting at the home of a building contractor hired to do the construction of an expansion to a Planned Parenthood clinic:
"Anti-abortion activists marched up and down the neighborhood's tidy streets Sunday, holding graphic placards of dismembered fetuses and signs comparing abortion to the Holocaust.

But the demonstration wasn't held at a clinic or the home of an abortion provider.

As they have several times, a group of abortion foes marched in front of the home of Gary Meggison, senior vice president of the The Weitz Company Rocky Mountain Business Office.

The reason: The company has been hired by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains to renovate and expand a building at East 38th Avenue and Pontiac Street in the Stapleton neighborhood. The 52,000-square-foot, $6.4 million facility will house administrative offices and a health clinic when it opens in about a year."

Sweet! This guy isn't even a doctor or a clinic worker, he's a construction contractor just trying to make a living. But the fetus fetishists researched the construction company, ascertained who owned it, dug up his private home address, and now his street is crawling with them. His street, where his home is. (His home! Where his children play with their toys.) I think that just might go under the "stalking" category.

Meggison says he's determined to finish the job he was contracted for, and his neighbours have got his back. But imagine coming home from a hard day at work only to be greeted by the welcoming sight of 45 fetus fetishizing nitwits marching up and down in front of your house, carrying their goofy signs and plastic fetuses... can you say "co-ordinated multi-residence hose-down"? First the hollyhocks, then the holy rollers, a hose assault from neighbours on all four sides might be just the thing to clean up the street. And if anyone's got a pressure-washer handy... HAHAHAHA!

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