Friday, October 12, 2007

The right-wing backlash against Coulter!!!

Or not.

Yesterday afternoon when I gauged the wingnutosphere's reaction to Ann Coulter's latest outburst, I was greeted by the sounds of stunned silence occasionally punctuated by *crickets*. Because this wasn't any run-of-the-mill rant against Muslims or Mexicans -- this time the target was Jews. Whoops! How does one excuse or explain away anti-semitic remarks on a blog that bears a banner proclaiming one's unequivocal support for Israel? Hmm! Or more appropriately, Oh-oh!

But overnight it appears that they've gotten their wits (such as they are) about them, and the general consensus is that (drum roll, please)... it's the media's fault. The media distorted her words to add sinister context where there was none. She wasn't saying that Jews were inherently less valuable human beings than Christians... no, not at all... she meant... what she was trying to... well, it's the... LALALALALALALALA teh librul media!!!
"Teasing yet another (manufactured) Ann Coulter controversy, practically suggested that Coulter is an anti-Semite, and when you follow the bread crumbs, you'll find Media Matters the culprit behind the half-baked cake. "The columnist suggested that the U.S. would be a better place without Jews," teased a headline in the rotating news summary on ABC's Web site..."

A couple of brave Blogging Tories have taken exception to Coulter's odious comments (actually, exactly two -- the SDA link was in the comments and the others are defending her). Provoked! She was provoked into making anti-semitic remarks by a "leftist interviewer"! Dream on, Dr. Roy. Anyone who saw the interview knows that she had lots of time to make herself clear if she felt her words were being misinterpreted. And she's no nervous newbie to the art of the interview -- she's a veteran who knows exactly how to get her point across. And get it across she did -- she thinks Jews are "less perfect" than Christians.

Coulter the anti-semite, Stalkin' Malkin... who's next?