Thursday, October 11, 2007

SCHIP kid's family and wingnut fatwa

The right-wing scream machine hasn't lost any momentum yet... the Frost family has now received death threats. Well-played, wingnuts, well-played. Now, can anyone tell me how this is different from the death threats radical islamists have made to author Ayaan Hirsi Ali, because that certainly seems to get the right's rage on.

But never mind that -- it
looks like the family's private information may have been acquired through Republican senator Mitch McConnell:
It’s been reported on MSNBC that erroneous assertions about the Frost child and family that have spun out of control to allegedly include death threats and falsehoods broadcast via internet and radio, may have originated, in part, from the offices of Republican Senator Mitch McConnell who represents Kentucky… ironically, a state that has many constituent families and children who would dearly love to have the benefit of SCHIP.

It is alleged that the falsehoods about various aspects of the Frost family’s life were contained in an email from Senator McConnell’s office to a certain journo. Thus far the Senator’s office is said to be refusing to confirm or deny."

Wow. It's bad enough when cretins like Malkin industriously dig up the private information of a family whose only "offense" is needing medical assistance. But if the information came from a government official... a senator, no less... wow. McConnell would have to know what Malkin's constituency of drooling jackbooted knuckle-draggers would be likely to do with the info.

In other news, it just got a little harder for moderate Republicans to distance themselves from the feces-flinging imbeciles who've commandeered their party.

Update: Yep.