Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shrieking harpy shrieks on

Something's gone horribly awry for the assholosphere when an opinion piece on the Schip/Frost debacle in that bastion of liberal moral relativism, the Wall Street Journal, has this to say:
"...But the Internet mob leapt to some dubious conclusions and claimed the Frost kids shouldn't have been on Schip in the first place. As it turns out, they belonged to just the sort of family that a modest Schip is supposed to help..."
Engage Brain Before Shooting Off Mouth (or keyboard).

That's the new graphic on Malkin's site, so it doesn't look like she's leaving this alone. There was a point where it could have all quietly gone away, but she seems determined to ignore the First Law of Holes and scrape out a new low. On the weekend she declared that an "unsolicited" email she received from someone claiming to be a neighbour of the Frosts makes her case that the Frosts are undeserving of Schip assistance. An unsolicited email -- the very definition of the term "incontravertable evidence". Check it out:

"They’re good people. Terribly misguided, pathetically leftist buffoons, but still good people. It was a terrible accident and Bonnie is quite beat up with guilt over the events. Lots of neighbors pitched in to cook meals and help out… Bonnie works half time doing freelance editorial work and Halsey, an incredibly disorganized lovable goofball, just can’t seem to hold down a proper job or, when he’s tried, to run a proper company. He’s a millwork carpenter and does great work installing custom interior and exterior trimwork and cabinetry. He should be making great money but can’t get out of his way…

…Still, we make choices, right? They have three vehicles - a nice new volvo SUV, a Suburban, and his F250 Ford Pickup work truck, a nice house, and all four kids go to private school. Not sure where the money comes from, but they don’t make all that much. Should they be the poster child for S-CHIP? Heck no…."

Yeah, and I receive equally credible unsolicited emails about how I can increase the size of my penis (length and girth!). "Leftist buffoons"? Who the fuck talks like that, other than wingnut bloggers? You have to hand it to her though, she knows how utterly brainless her readership is and doesn't shy away from exploiting it.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have a new little face for Schip, a 2-year-old with heart problems. While the Frosts were working class, this little girl's family is less well-off. Her father invites the loonysphere to dig all they want, as he has $67 in his bank account. Unfortunately, if there's a single Red State commenter out there with $66 in his bank account, the shriekfest will be on and the shit will fly again. Because strangely, a lot of the right-wing outrage about this situation has been about hating anyone who's perceived to "have more" -- something not usually thought of as a conservative characteristic... Or is it?