Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Anti-choice = cheapass

Surprise surprise: taxpayers can't dictate which medical procedures their tax dollars fund:

"An anti-abortion crusader who refused to file his tax returns as a form of protest has been found guilty of three counts of failing to pay taxes and ordered to pay a fine.

David Little refused to file his income tax returns between 2000 and 2002 because he felt the federal government was funding abortion procedures." [...]

"Judge Leslie Jackson handed down the 62-year-old's sentence in Fredericton on Friday. Little has been told he must pay $3,000 or spend 66 days in jail."

Oh, boo-freakin'-hoo, break out the violins. But wait... Fredericton? Fredericton, New Brunswick? New Brunswick is one of the most disgustingly difficult places to get an abortion in the whole country. Women have to jump through so many hoops getting the procedure "approved" that most end up spending $500 to get it done at the Morgentaler Clinic. Mr. Little has little to beef about.

Or is something else going on?

Interesting that the taxes Numbnuts is refusing to pay are from two non-consecutive years, and five to seven years ago at that. If he's been paying his taxes like a good little boy in the interim, that doesn't help his credibility as a civil disobedience crusader -- in fact, it kind of looks like he's just trying to get out of paying taxes for those two years. Correction, it really looks like he's just trying to get out of paying taxes for those two years.

So what now? Rather than pay the $3000 fine, maybe he'll do a little time and when he gets out -- still have to pay the taxes! Why? Because that's the way democracy works, we don't get to cherrypick where our tax dollars go. If we did... well, goodbye separate school funding. See ya 'round, tax-exempt status for churches. Do they really want to go down that road? Didn't think so.