Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Apple Store sucks

It's true:

"A few Piper Jaffray analysts recently camped out in front of a mall-based Apple Store and found that "about 27 percent of people who came within 25 feet of the store" ended up getting sucked inside. While this gravitational force "did not compel them to buy anything, the analysts believe "the mere fact shoppers were drawn inside may be indicative of future purchase decisions," meaning they would eventually switch from PCs to Macs. Has Apple created an iBeam that lulls you into a brand trance? Nah. Apple just gets that good design drives a strong emotional response."
Oh, it's far worse than that. When I go to a mall that houses an Apple Store, the moment I leave the protective environment of my vehicle I'm drawn into the Apple Vortex -- stumbling, running, pushing people out of the way as I'm sucked inexorably into the evil Apple Vortex of Credit Card Abuse. My brother lives near a mall with an Apple Store -- when I'm at his place, the combination of the Vortex and the aggravating presence of PCs means I have to wear heavy boots to stay on the ground.

Good design; um yeah, sure, if you say so.