Tuesday, November 27, 2007

CBSA YVR Taser Death Report


"After six weeks of silence, the Canada Border Services Agency issued an eight-page report yesterday on the Dziekanski case to try to explain how the 40-year-old man was able to wander the international arrivals area for more than six hours before his death on Oct. 14.

The report recommends various changes, including additional cameras to track its area at the airport, more patrols, and a review of interpreter services and updated lists of the languages employees can speak.

In the document and at a subsequent news conference, the agency said it did its best to track Mr. Dziekanski, but faced challenges in doing so through an area the size of two football fields that was crowded, at times, with up to 4,000 travellers."

"Faced challenges" because it was a big area with a lot of people? It's an airport, for fuck sake. That's their job, to deal with the challenges of knowing what's going on in a big area with a lot of people. What are they supposed to be keeping an eye on, the Starbucks concession?! Oh well, at least they're accepting a modicum of responsibility for the incompetence that set up the disastrous scenario -- uh, oh wait:

"Alain Jolicoeur, the border agency's president, expressed his condolences to Mr. Dziekanski's family yesterday.

However, he ruled out sanctions against any staff of the agency, saying it was his view that they followed procedures."

The CBSA's condolences: "We're sorry, but we ain't that sorry."