Friday, November 02, 2007

Calling all Catholics

Especially the Conservative-voting ones... here's a chance to prove your so-called "pro-life" cred. Mobilize Catholic opposition to the Harper government's decision to allow Canadian citizens to be executed in death penalty countries rather than fighting for commutation of death sentences:
"Canada's Conservative government said Thursday it will no longer fight to commute the death sentences of Canadians facing execution in a foreign country.

Canada abolished the death penalty in 1976 and the government has long opposed use of the death penalty abroad in cases involving its citizens.

But Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said they will not plead for the life of Ronald Allen Smith, who faces lethal injection in Montana for the 1982 murder of two men."
...and it's not unreasonable to expect Canadian Catholics to ask the big cheeses at the Vatican to make the same threats of excommunication, denial of communion etc. that they've been making against pro-choice and pro-gay marriage politicians.

EDIT: Vanity Press sums it up.

UPDATE: Via SUZANNE in the comments, an article from just a couple of days ago that states the Vatican's position on working to eliminate torture and the death penalty. Will Catholic Conservative politicians step up? Afterthought: And if not, will they be reprimanded?