Monday, December 17, 2007

A little good news

The Saudi Arabian woman recently sentenced to 200 lashes and 6 months in prison for "allowing herself" to be gang-raped (but of course!) has been pardoned:
"Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has pardoned the victim of a gang-rape whose sentencing to 200 lashes caused an international outcry, a Saudi newspaper said on Monday." [...]

"The 19-year-old Shi'ite woman was abducted and raped along with a male companion by seven men last year in a case that piled international pressure on the government to step in.

Ruling according to the strict Saudi reading of Islamic law, a court sentenced the woman to 90 lashes for being alone with an unrelated man and the rapists to jail terms of up to five years.

The Supreme Judicial Council last month increased the sentence to 200 lashes and six months in prison and ordered the rapists to serve between two years and nine years in prison."
Apart from the ridiculously oppressive law that led to a victimized woman being charged for what amounts to her own rape, the court seemed to miss the fact that she wasn't there by choice -- she was abducted. Well darn her for allowing herself to be abducted. Oh well: in places like Saudi Arabia, women take their tiny victories where they can.

Now if we could hear about a reversal of the non-sentences handed out to the rapists of a 10-year-old Aborigine girl in Australia last week, and the firing of the racist pigshit of a judge who claimed the child "probably agreed" to it, my week would truly be made. Maybe there's a chance, now that the case has drawn worldwide attention to a widespread culture of abuse.

(h/t: bastard.logic)