Monday, December 31, 2007

Pakistan: more new video

Amid rumours that Pakistan is considering delaying its January 8 elections (well, no kidding), a new videotape has emerged that seems to support the original explanation of the Bhutto assassination -- she was shot:
"The tape provides the clearest view yet of the attack and appears to show that Bhutto was shot. That would contradict the Pakistan government's account.

A previously released videotape shows a man at the right of her vehicle raising a gun, pointing it toward Bhutto, who is standing in her car with her upper body through the sunroof. He fires three shots. Then, there is an explosion.

In the video that emerged Sunday, Bhutto is standing, and her hair and scarf appear to move, perhaps from the bullet. Bhutto falls into the car. Then, the blast.

These images seem to support the theory that Bhutto died at the hands of a shooter before a bomb was detonated, killing another 23 people.

Everyone inside Bhutto's bomb-proof car lived. Those traveling with her say they saw her bleeding, and the heavily blood-stained interior appears to support their accounts."
Watch the tape here.

So how many does that make: (1) She was shot, (2) She was hit by shrapnel from the bomb, (3) She died of a concussion sustained when her head hit the sunroof, (4) She was shot.