Friday, February 08, 2008

Moving the goalposts

It's frustrating enough to have my factually-accurate posts censored(!) while bugfuck insane fetus-fetishist and guilt-glutton Denise Mountenay of the exploitive anti-choice group "Silent No More" is permitted to repeatedly back a dump-truck full of steaming bullshit into the same comments section and unload with impunity. But now, in a graphic illustration of the semantic gymnastics and goalpost moving routinely employed by anti-choicers, the infamous SUZANNE feels compelled to weigh in with her own unique misinterpretation of my post that calls BULLSHIT on Denise and her nefarious fellow travel-liars.

Attempting to shift the focus away from Denise and the hot sweaty coils of easily-refuted "abortion-breast cancer" bullshit that she knowingly passes off as Fact, SUZANNE takes me to task for my observation that maybe, just maybe, *some* of the women who have seemingly insurmountable post-abortive psychological issues -- I'm looking at you, Denise -- were a little fucked up to begin with. In my dictionary, "some" means "a few" or "not many", but on SUZANNE's little black and white planet, dictionaries, like science texts, must have all the confusing details censored out. Her translation is that "feminists" (such pigeonholery!) "dismiss post-abortive trauma" -- all and absolutely.

I won't waste any time deconstructing her argument: SUZANNE knows exactly what I meant by "some" (I'm looking at you, Denise) and if she were being honest, she'd have to acknowledge the possible truth of my observation. If she were to be really, brutally honest, she'd also have to admit that the odious creeps who exploit emotionally-fragile women and perpetuate their trauma with no regard for anything but the furthering of their agenda are the real villains in the scenario. Not someone who's actually *been there*, emotionally and physically, to support pre- and post-abortive women. But it's no big news flash to most of us that ideology trumps honesty when it comes to pushing the anti-choice agenda.