Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Anonymity Factor

Every 6 months or so there's a furious little blogospheric dust-up over "anonymity" and the outing of a blogger's real identity as "punishment" for some real or perceived insult. Interestingly, it's almost always right-wing bloggers doing the outing, authoritarian pricks that they are -- I think last time out it was Werner Patels. This time the guy doing the outing is one "Mike Brock", who exposed not only the real name, but the place of employment of a commenter I'd describe as "mildly offensive". Sensitive!

I don't have time to say much other than "It sucks, and people who do it suck", but I'll have more to say when I get home later. Meanwhile, Red Tory has an entertaining take on this thing, go read.