Wednesday, March 19, 2008


What happens when a Conservative candidate runs for office, loses, and lets their campaign website domain name expire? Well, what else? Some net-savvy nerd, knowing there's sure to be another election at some point in the near future, grabs the domain names and directs them to something like this:

Whoops! Is that what them there young whippursnappurs call "pwnage"?

Connie at FD discovered her old candidate's site was highjacked, and a couple more:

"Allowing the domains to expire, however, was an incredibly bad idea, as I found when I decided to visit our former candidate's site at: " [...]
"Ottawa Centre's has been likewise hijacked, as has Ajax-Pickering's"
Another one of the candidates whose domain name was hijacked, Richard Majkot, is running again in the next election, and he is anything but pleased. (Go to to find out why!) And he's only one: the kid responsible has over 200 domain names associated with his email addy. I wonder how many others he grabbed that belonged to CPC candidates?

It's hard, but they'll get the hang of the internets toobz sooner or later.