Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stockie in Charge

Good to know Stockie's keeping us safe:

"OTTAWA -- Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says he is waiting for details on how the blueprints for the Canadian Armed Forces new counter-terrorism building to be based in Trenton, Ont., ended up in a garbage can in downtown Ottawa." [...]

"The trashed blueprints, stamped with Department of National Defence markings, show everything from the location of the security fence to the floor plan of the new home of the Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit at CFB Trenton.

The plans were found March 13 by the spouse of Anthony Salloum, an analyst with the Rideau Institute, a left-leaning Ottawa think-tank. As the couple was on it way to dinner, Mr. Salloum's spouse noticed a large pile of garbage bags on the sidewalk, on top of which sat seven large rolled tubes of paper stamped with Defence Department markings."

I've already got the flu, so that made me feel really a lot better. Back to bed *barf* (Or maybe that should be "under" the bed.) *heave*

Whoops, almost forgot:

No Stockie post would be complete without it.