Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pain in the gass

Oil was up to over $109 a barrel yesterday. (And to think I can remember freaking when it started getting close to $50 a barrel.)

The price of gas is correspondingly ridiculous. For the last few months the price of Regular has hovered between $1.05 - $1.12 a litre. It's been higher of course; during the Hurricane Katrina it zoomed up to $1.19/litre, but it's never been this high for this long. It won't be going down anytime soon. It definitely won't ever be under $1/litre again.

I shudder to think what it must be like to have to commute any real distance to work. I used to drive 20 miles (one way) and even then, at about 69 cents a litre, the cost of driving my truck to work was staggering. I could only manage it because the cost of winter driving was offset by the significantly lower cost of riding my 70-mpg motorcycle to work when the weather was good.

Now I live a mere 3 miles from where I work, so I have the option of using non-internal combustion transportation, and will start doing so as soon as weather permits. Either my hybrid bicycle or leftie-rightie will carry me to work, serving the dual purpose of allowing me to stay in shape while giving the oil companies the finger. (Never mind that I'll still be paying more for food and anything else that's trucked in, but oh well.)

But that's me -- I wonder what everyone else be doing. Making some changes or continuing to drive your Hummers in support of the Oil Patch?