Thursday, March 27, 2008

Your morning "Awwww"

From the Christian Science Monitor:
"Protesters from the Korea Association for Animal Protection participated in a demonstration near Seoul's city hall on Tuesday. The protest was held to oppose the Seoul Metropolitan Government's proposal that dogs be categorized as livestock to regulate the dog meat industry and strengthen public sanitation inspections. The categorization of livestock would allow for the mass breeding and butchering of dogs and serving of their meat in restaurants. The dogs' collars read (l. to r.) 'My name is Hosoo. I am your friend,' and, 'My name is Choonja. Please don't eat Choonja.'"
"Please don't eat Choonja"?!? Come on now, if that doesn't make you go "awwww" you've got a dried-up little raisin where your heart should be.