Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Remember the dumpster-diving, movie-making fetus fetishist that I posted about on the weekend? You know, the one who went through an abortion provider's dumpster in search of who-knows-what, said she found some fetuses, took a video, then took the fetus carcasses home with her(?!!) and refused to cough them up to the investigating cops? Yeah, that fetus fetishist.

Well, the Department of Environmental Quality finally had to show up at her place to get the evidence that the dumpster-diving Dr. Monica refused to turn over, and they've billed her $1,100 for Removal of Evidence (the following from Operation Rescue, to whom I decline to link):
"Detroit, MI – The pro-life activist who documented the illegal dumping of aborted babies and private patient medical records at abortion clinics operated by Alberto Hodari has been billed $1,100 by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for the removal of evidence from her property.

“Hodari doesn’t get fined a single cent!” said Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens For A Pro-Life Society, who videotaped the contents of bags of trash discovered outside Hodari abortion mills and presented the evidence to the DEQ so charges could be filed against the abortionist. “I kid you not! The state had the bill charged to me for the removal of the evidence from my property! Something doesn’t seem right here.”

You're damn tootin' something doesn't seem right here, and I think it's that petrified little acorn rattling around in the vast recesses of Doc Monica's cranial cavity.