Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Anti-choice demonstration aborted

It's Spring, when a young fetus fetishist's fancy turns to thoughts of... stuffing their nose in some perfect stranger's crotch! And it's time to start pounding the pavement with those glorious, gorious posters of dead fetuses.

This year, fetus fetishists at the U of T got their grannie-panties in a painful twist at the administration's insistence that their display, the "Genocide Awareness Project", be set up in such a way as to accomodate those who didn't care to have gratuitous gore shoved in their faces. "Frack-diddly-ack that", said the fetus fetishists, storming away to set up shop on a nearby sidewalk... where their little fetus-fest was aborted by a rally of pro-choicers who vastly outnumbered them:
"This year’s demonstration was held last Thursday, April 3, at the corner of St. George and Harbord. The pro-lifers stood on all four corners, holding graphic posters equating abortion with slavery and the Holocaust. They were outnumbered about three to one by a coalition of pro-choice campus groups, including UTSU, ASSU, the Centre for Women and Trans People, the GSU, CUPE 3902, CFS-Ontario and the Steelworkers. " [...]
"Genocide Awareness Project": how interesting. Totally fucking disrespectful, but interesting. The posters they use in this thing compare abortion to the Holocaust and slavery -- for a group that has the word "awareness" in its name, it's amazing how little they have of what an insult this is to Holocaust victims and anyone who has slavery in their ancestry. But as if that's not enough to prove these people are complete flakes with nary a clue, the delusional bullshit flew fast and furious when fetus fetishist Rosemary Connell had her say:
"Connell claimed repeatedly that women who choose abortion are psychologically damaged by the experience. With adoption, she argued, “There isn’t that terrible, terrible regret, for the rest of her life.”

She also covered issues from capital punishment to the Terri Schiavo case.

“Terri Schiavo could smile, could communicate, the media didn’t want you to know that because we live in a very anti-life society,” she said."

Oh, Christ. Anti-life? Only when you guys are around, Rosie.