Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Ecstasy of Charles McVety

On Wednesday, Canada's favourite pearl-clutching, tut-tutting religious right mullah, Charles McVety, appeared before the Senate Banking Committee to reiterate his support for the censorious Bill C-10, which would deny tax credits to productions deemed (by McVety and Friends, presumably) to be "offensive":

"Supporters of Bill C-10 were on Parliament Hill on Wednesday continuing their push for the Senate to pass the legislation that could allow the government to deny tax credits to films that are deemed offensive.

The omnibus bill includes an amendment to the Income Tax Act that would allow Heritage Minister Josee Verner, or a government committee, to deny credits to productions considered "contrary to public policy."

The proposed amendment has prompted a debate that pits advocates for the arts against groups such as the Canada Family Action Coalition."

McVety, who constantly voices his outrage by naming a movie called "Young People Fucking" (something he repeats with Tourettes-like regularity) (Edit - except he says "effing", but you already knew that, didn't you?), is one of Bill C-10's most excited and vocal proponents. Here's the chubby little blowhard himself:

"We do not believe this is censorship," McVety said of the bill. "Producers can make films on their own dime, if they wish to, but they should not expect families to deduct taxes from their budget and then to use those taxes for anti-family activities such as the films that we have mentioned."

McVety knows that invoking the word "family" is always good to get the brain-damaged grassroots up in arms and running around in circles jabbering, weeping and gnashing. Why is it that these dimwits always assume they're the only ones who have families and pay taxes? The producers of the films that so offend McVety also have families and pay taxes. But who cares, when there's a poll that shows a majority of Canadians are onside with the reverend:

"The group recently commissioned a poll by Compas Inc., that it says proves there is a consensus among Canadians that subsidies should not be provided to offensive films.

As painfully and embarassingly forced out of McVety as a stubborn kidney stone was the fact that in order to get that majority number, the poll had to ask something like "Should the government fund child pornography?". Well, duh!

McVety's group would lower the bar even further than pornography, to include what he calls "dirrrrrrty movies" (presumably like "Young People Fucking" -- hey, I wonder how many times McVety had to watch that movie, in a darkened room, with a warm bottle of cinnamon massage oil, to figure out that he was "offended"). But McVety denied any puritanical impulse to censor the arts:

McVety said his group is "not puritanical" and that it's simply arguing that the government should be responsible for setting and enforcing standards on what is offensive and what is not, which Bill C-10 allows it to do.

Oh dear, and whatever would we do without Charles McVety and the Ministry of We-Know-What's-Good-For-You to protect us from ourselves?