Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lone ranger gets results

A horrible killing. An intensive but fruitless 10-day RCMP manhunt. Finally the suspect is located and brought in -- by the police? No, by a local guy who went out searching on his own with a couple of dogs and a gun:
"A local hunter and tracker in Merritt, B.C., played a major role in the arrest of a father who was wanted after RCMP identified him as the prime suspect in the deaths of his three children.

Allan Dwayne Schoenborn, 40, is now in police custody and the ranching community of Merritt, about 270 kilometres northeast of Vancouver, is breathing a sign of relief Wednesday, Mayor David Laird said.

Schoenborn was believed to have been captured Wednesday morning by Kim Robinson, who had told CBC News two days ago that he had been taking his dogs and tracking any food trail left behind in the valleys and mountains around the area."
Ironically, this Robinson dude was turned down by the RCMP when he offered them his assistance at the start of the manhunt. Apparently he took matters into his own hands and continued searching on his own until -- bingo! The suspect is now in custody.

Apart from the horrific crime, what a cool ending to the search: a dog, a rifle and a little tenacity gets the job done before the RCs even get out of the donut shop. Ha! It reminded me of the importance of independence, and how we often forget our own potential for self-sufficiency until the shit hits the fan.

One summer night a couple of years ago, I was awakened by some rattling noises outside -- I thought for sure the house was being broken into. It was *that kind* of noise. There was no point in calling the cops -- it takes them almost an hour to get here, so by the time they arrived there'd be nothing for them to do but shovel me into a body bag. My response to this perceived threat was instantaneous and unthinking: dig out the .38special and leap into pajama-clad action. Of course, my search for the intruder revealed that it was some stealthy nocturnal beast like a raccoon, but still. I felt powerful that night, glowingly powerful, independent and self-reliant. It's a good feeling... it definitely beats the hell out of waiting, shivering and trembling with a heart full of fear, for someone to arrive and save me (from a raccoon).

Whatever the RCMP end up saying about the Schoenborn capture (that they didn't do), you can be sure it'll include a face-saving, finger-wagging admonishment to the public not to play "vigilante". Sure. Because leaving things up to them was working out so well... for Schoenborn.