Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Opposition Is building...

...finally. The story of the Quebec Federation of Specialist Doctors voicing their opposition to Bill C-484 was blogged yesterday at Birth Pangs, but momentum could be building. In the last hour I've seen two news stories on TV about what's described as "opposition building to the controversial Bill":
"One of Quebec's powerful doctors' federations is joining the opposition to a federal bill that would make it a crime to kill a fetus, fearing the law will be the first step to criminalizing abortion.

"The back-door objective of this bill is to set in motion a long legal saga that would in the end give rights to the fetus," said GaƩtan Barrette, head of Quebec's Federation of Specialist Doctors." [...]

"Barrette said there is no need for a new law and that judges can use their discretion to impose harsher sentences for brutal crimes."

But Edmonton Conservative MP Ken Epp, who brought forward the private member's bill, said critics are missing the point of his proposed legislation.

He said it's about protecting women who have chosen to have their children.

"She wants to give birth to that child, she wants to give it life, and love, and look after it, and it just isn't right [for] some third person to come in there, and by criminal assault, to take that choice and that baby away from her.""

(Note Epp's sly co-opting of the word "choice", something I mentioned in a previous comment thread.)

No, it isn't right for someone to take that choice away. Since it's the woman's choice, any law intended to deter and protect should obviously target the woman, not the fetus. Anyone who doesn't accept that has another agenda.