Monday, April 07, 2008

The evidence

Over the weekend, Wingnuttia's grunts of indignation rose to a squealing fever pitch following Robert Fife's "knuckledragger" comment on CTV's Thursday night news: "We all know that there are some knuckledraggers in Mr. Harper's caucus..." Gotta love it, a reporter finally tells it like it is, instead of upchucking the usual politically-correct euphemisms ("Uh... a little old-fashioned... errr morals and values... umm traditional..."). How refreshing.

Although I found Fife's comment pretty funny highly amusing hysterical, partisan politics isn't really what I want to see when I watch the news. I expect the traditional media to keep a safely non-partisan distance from what they report -- they report, I decide. However, the fact that there are some(?) knuckledraggers in the CPC is something that's been tacitly acknowledged for years, and Fife's off-the-cuff comment just highlights how bad things really are. And it doesn't take long to find The Evidence.

Consider this: musing on the Tom Lukiwski situation, well-known right-wingnut combox defiler "John West" blogs (google John West, I won't link to it):

"Men with beer" *grunt*

Okay, so John apparently hangs out with groups of men (with beer), and when the topic of homosexuals comes up (and why wouldn't it!!?), they have nothing friendly to say. (But it's not their fault that they're bigots -- they were born that way.) I won't dwell on the irony that "hanging out in groups of men (with beer)" is something gay men do occasionally, too, including some who at one time claimed to be "repulsed by visions (that they couldn't get out of their heads) of the gay lifestyle". But John's on a roll... take it away, John:

"We are all a little racist and we are all a little homophobic"... is that so? Not only that, but we're all thieves and liars too -- bigots, liars and thieves... (cue Cher: "we'd hear it from the people of the town, they'd call us...") If this guy's speaking for Conservatopia in general, it's safe to say the pinch is in. And don't even try to deny it!