Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More equal than others

Well, it's been a few days since Tom Lukiwski rolled around whimpering and pissing himself on the House of Commons floor (the same floor that's riddled with trenches from the constant dragging of knuckles by the "A" guys). That seems to be the end of it -- Prime Minister Chubby McChubster says the apology was offered, so accept it, mothahfuckaaahs, and move on.

Oooooh. No consequences?

Where are the consequences conservatives are so quick to demand whenever someone makes a mistake... even one that doesn't involve maligning an entire community... something like, oh, I don't know, accidentally getting pregnant?

Or the consequences Saskatchewan First Nations are threatened with when one of their own barfs up some stupid, bigoted comments, apologizes and is reinstated in his position? (Whether you agree with FSIN's decision to reinstate Ahenakew is irrelevant -- it's their decision to make, and theirs alone.)

Well, that's apparently a little different: There Could Be Consequences for that decision, the Con-gov thunders -- big time consequences, affecting thousands of people. One couldn't be blamed if the "H-word" came to mind, as stageleft adroitly points out.
(EDIT: Ahenakew ultimately declined the position, but the point is the government immediately went ballistic in one case, but did nothing in the other.)

But as Bruce also aptly explains, not all bigots are equal -- some are more equal than others.

And as knuckledragger apologist John West would say, "Don't even try to deny it".