Friday, April 18, 2008

Movie Critic McVety gives film Two Cloven Hooves Down

Clearly I've been too wrapped up in Bill C-484, fetal photoshops and the ongoing battle to conflate libel with free speech --I haven't been keeping enough of an eye on this guy. Now suddenly his porcine visage is becoming an alarmingly routine sight all over everywhere, admonishing, scolding and wagging his porky little finger at us, sinners and fornicators one and all.

The Reverend's been pushing this Bill C-10 pretty hard -- even taking credit for it at one point. An idea he quickly backed off from when he realized how much Canadians really don't like him, and especially don't like the thought of him hanging around the corridors of power trying to influence our laws with his brand of shrieking, pearl-clutching, nanny-statist social conservativism. Will it never end? Not until the fat reverend sings!

In spite of being spanked and roundly ridiculed yesterday at the Senate Banking Committee hearing on C-10, McVety's not ready to sing yet -- but apparently he's still got a lot of squealing to do. Thursday's Daily Squeal dealt with McVety's objections to an all-Canadian film called "Breakfast With Scot". It's a family comedy about a gay hockey player and his partner, who are raising an 11-year-old boy. It's kind of a family movie with a gay perspective, the family just happens to have two dads. Whoop-di-do. No, thunders Mullah McVety, "Whoop-di-don't!!":
"Ottawa–A comedy about a gay couple raising a child should not have received any government help, an evangelical activist says.

"We are objecting to films that proselytize young people into homosexuality," Charles McVety, president of the Canada Family Action Coalition, told reporters yesterday."

Ohmigod, it's Gayagenda Propaganda! "Proselytize young people into homosexuality"? Did he really say that!? Yes, but he says mindblowingly stupid things with such depressing regularity that I'm well past the point where he could surprise me. I haven't seen "Breakfast With Scott", but from what I've read about it, sounds like it has little if anything to do with sex. Only a vicious, half-bright fuckwit like McVety could read any ominous, evil sexual ulterior motive into it. But to McVety, apparently it doesn't even have to be about sex to be dirrrrrrty. Any movie with a gay character, in what passes for McVety's "mind", promotes (yeah, "promotes", like a Bacon Double Cheeseburger) homosexuality, playing an evil pied piper's tune that will Lead Your Children to Teh Ghey. SHRIEEEEEK!

Okay, so let's tally up the Mullah McVety Hall of Shame: porn, dirrrrrrty movies like "Crash", and now, even movies with gay characters. So he's not only a puritan and a prude, but a bigot as well. Just the kind of person Canadians want influencing their laws, especially the 63% of us who didn't vote Conservative last time out. Ahhhahahahaha! With every spittle-flecked word he utters, McVety slowly but surely destroys the credibility of any bill he supports. But that's why we want him to keep on jabbering his demented, paranoid gibberish. When Bill C-10 gets nuked, McVety will have done all the heavy lifting.