Monday, April 28, 2008

Noise bomb

Okay, here's an imagination exercise for you: visualize the rabid, spittle-flecked abortion clinic bomber, drooling and grunting out scriptural passages as he creeps up to the clinic entrance carrying a small backpack full of explosives. Yuck. I can't say I blame anti-choicers for wanting to rid themselves of this particular image problem (or should I say "unborn image solution"), or at least project it onto their opponents. Since they're having trouble shaking the image, they're increasingly they're trying to characterize pro-choicers as violent -- remember how we kicked Ed Snell's ass? SHRIEEK! Well, this week lifeshite takes another kick at the can (cue ominous music): "Pro-abortion terrorists claim responsibility for university bombing!" SHRIEEEEEK!:
"A terrorist group calling itself the Insurrectionist Federation has reportedly taken credit for the recent bombing of the University of the Andes in reprisal for a decision of the Chilean Supreme Court prohibiting the distribution of the abortifacient "morning after pill".

The bomb detonated in a university bathroom on April 23. Although no one was hurt, ACI Prensa reports that the bathroom suffered severe damage, contrary to media reports that the device was just a "noise bomb".
Okay -- a "noise bomb"? (I'm trying soooo hard not to laugh... help me, help me...)*ahem* But of course, a noise bomb:
"They say it's just a 'noise bomb' but in reality the bathroom was destroyed and if anyone had been there they would have been killed or injured," a university source told ACI Prensa.
The bathroom was destroyed by a "noise bomb"? Can noise destroy things? Just asking -- I don't know anything about physics or whatever laws govern the effect of explosions, so maybe a noise can destroy a physical structure. I've heard people unload some fairly thunderous noise bombs in the washroom, and come to think of it, yes! I might even characterize the room's resulting condition as "destroyed" (I think "trashed" was the word I used). Maybe the "bomb" (heh) blew off all the wallpaper and made the underlying paint peel. That's certainly been done. But while I wouldn't want to be in the room when such things detonate, I had no idea it could be life-threatening. (But still a long way from the kind of havoc dynamite can wreak.)