Saturday, April 26, 2008

TTC Strike Crybabies

Yeah, and I'm not talking about the ATU or the TTC management. I'm talking about the dumbasses that are pissing and moaning because they were *inconvenienced* by the TTC strike. Oh boo hoo hoo. Crying the blues and nattering away like little old ladies that the TTC should be made an "essential service". And even more ominously, demanding that government exercise some authoritarian force in the form of back-to-work legislation. Achtung, shweinhund bus driver! Vee haff vays of makink you drive!!

The subway isn't a hospital. You won't die if you can't get on a bus. Buses sitting idle don't present the health risk posed by piles of uncollected garbage. I lived in Toronto for 30 years and I've put up with more TTC strikes than I care to remember -- inconvenient as it is when the Red Rocket suddenly goes belly-up, it's hardly an essential service. Yes, we grumbled and griped as we walked and wheeled, but one thing we (at least those of us who weren't union-busting assholes) did not do was call for back-to-work legislation. It's hard to believe people these days care so little about such democratic rights as the right to strike that they'd actually encourage the government to stomp on them... just out of inconvenience.

As everyone spends a relaxing weekend whining and bitching about unions, I wonder if they'll give half a thought to who they have to thank for that relaxing weekend in the first place. HINT: It isn't back-to-work legislation, and it sure as fuck ain't the government.

YOW!! I'm upset -- time to ring the bell on this little rant before I spin right out. Meanwhile, more articulate people than I have more to say: Chet speaks -- you listen. Dawg speaks -- you listen.