Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not funny.

Okay, just for a moment here, let's turn our attention to Jill Stanek's fetusblog, where something is going on, and it's not funny. Not funny. Seriously NOT funny. Completely and totally NOT fuh--urkauugghhHHH*explodes* BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

"I met moderator
Bethany a little over 1 year ago via email when she sent me photos of her recently miscarried 6-week-old baby, who Bethany named Blessing.

I posted Blessing's photos, and to this day Bethany receives emails and comments from mothers wanting to share with Bethany the pain of the loss of their baby.

But the dark side of the world is inhabited by twisted, hurtful people. Over the weekend, Bethany received 2 emails from "Barbra Walters" with photoshopped pictures of Blessing. Bethany gave me permission to post."

Okay, let's get the story straight here, because it sounds a little bizarre to me. A fetus fetishist took pictures of a miscarriage she had at 6 weeks gestation (something that, let's face it, looks more like ajumbo prawn than anything human), posted said pictures online, and then was shocked, shocked, I tell you when someone used them for a little photoshop fun?

I'll concede it might have been in sort of bad *taste* (so to speak) to send the photoshopped pics to the ex-mother-to-be. (You'll notice I didn't reproduce any of them here -- no matter how whacked out someone might be, I do respect their right to privacy, even if they don't respect it themselves.)

But it's a tough old world out there -- you want to advocate the curtailment of womens' rights? You get what's coming to you. Resisting *by any means necessary* includes bombardments of warped humour.

(h/t BBW, who, predictably, is shocked I tell you, shocked!)